Partial Payment offers customers as option to make a deposit for Pre-Order items instead of paying in full when placing an order. It is a way to secure orders without having to put in a large chunk of money for Pre-Order items. Portion of the deposit will be 10% of the total order amount.

Customers who made partial payments would be notified in settlement of the remaining balance about 1-2 weeks before the release of the items, so we could process customers’ orders smoothly and ship them out once the items arrived at our warehouse.

Please note that if the remaining balance is not settled within 60 days when you first received a "pending amount settlement notification email" from us, the order would be considered as cancelled and the partial payments would be kept with us.

*For example, you received an email from us regarding the pending amount settlement on Jan 1st. If the payment is remain unsettled till Mar 3rd, your order would be considered as cancelled and the partial payments you made for the order would be kept with us.*

If you order an available item together with a pre-order item, your order will be shipped once all items have become available. So please make Pre-Orders separate from your normal order to avoid delay shipping.

Shipping weights and sizes are based on estimates provided by the manufacturer prior to release. It is possible that the provided information turns out to be wrong, in which case you will be contacted by us.

Release dates can be subject to change. The dates on the product pages will usually be up-to-date, however delayed adjustments are possible.

Some pre-order items may be announced with pre-order bonuses. Information about these bonuses or their quantity are based on estimates provided by manufacturer and might differ from the initial information. In cases where pre-order bonuses are not mentioned in the English product title, they will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis as long as stock is available.

Every product on pre-order lists an expected arrival date. Our product department is in constant contact with our vendors to try to obtain the most up to date information possible. Once we know something has changed, we will update our listings and the information in your account.

We would all like pre-orders to show up within the expected time frame, but unfortunately the toy industry can have delays. The expected arrival date is an estimate; there are no guarantees for exactly when pre-ordered products will arrive. No compensation can be given for pre-orders that arrive late. We don't recommend pre-ordering products as gifts or for special occasions that are time sensitive.

We can generally ship your pre-order shortly after the release date.